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Roofing Installation in Newark, DE

Make sure your home is protected by trusting us when you need roofing installation in Newark, DE. The trained professionals at Nationwide Construction have over 20 years' experience in expertly installing new roofs. Your home's roof is one of its most important features, so it's crucial to ensure that the team you call for new installations has the skills and knowledge to make it last. Different roofing materials have different lifespans, but our roofing installation service knows how to install any material properly to maximize its durability. When you need a roofing company you can depend on, call us for guaranteed satisfaction and lasting results.

Your roof is your home's front line of defense against the elements. Proper residential safety starts with a functional roof. Over time, roofing materials can become compromised. This can affect your home's susceptibility to water damage, harmful mold, decreased insulation, and more. Our roof installation company is here to prevent your property from undergoing such a decline. We know how to install a perfectly functioning roof whose materials will perform for the full duration of their lifespan.

Installed Roofing in Newark, DE

Meticulous Roofing Installation Service

Proper roofing installation starts with thorough attention to detail. Our roofing experts know what it takes to give you the workmanship you need to ensure the performance of your roof. We have experience dealing with all kinds of roofs. From asphalt composition shingles, metal, clay tile, concrete tile, to plastic polymer, we know how to keep your house protected with high-quality roofing. We also understand which materials are more eco-friendly, which are more fire-retardant, which are heavier and therefore require reinforced framing, and which will last the longest. We'll discuss the options with you so that you can get the roof you need at the price you want.

Our services cover the full spectrum of roofing. Whether you need a flat roofer or one with experience on steeper slopes, we're the company that will take care of you. When you contact us for roof installation, we guarantee your satisfaction.

The Roof Installation Company for All Roof Types

There are a variety of roofing materials out there across various price points. The more inexpensive materials, such as laminated asphalt, will last on average from 20–30 years. However, for a slightly higher price, metal roofing can last up to 50 years. The more expensive clay and concrete tiles, on the other hand, can last for over 50 years. When you divide the cost of labor and materials by the number of years the material lasts, you get a clear perspective on how affordable quality roofing really is. And when you hire us for asphalt, tile, or metal roof installation, you're guaranteeing that the life expectancy of your roof reaches its full potential.

Contact us when you need a roof installation company. We proudly serve our customers in New Castle County, Cecil County, Philadelphia County, South Jersey, Newark and Middletown, Delaware; Elkton, Maryland; King of Prussia, Pennsylvania; and Penns Grove, New Jersey, plus all of the surrounding areas.